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Beyond Bristol History

Published May 2010 "Stride Shuffle or Crawl - A Glastonbury Walk" £4.99

This book is causing a lot of interest in Glastonbury, as it provides a basic circular walk of the town, with optional detours up Bove Town and Wearyall Hill as well as an extended hilly walk to the ancient oaks Gog and Magog and the long way to the Tor.  The introduction provides a detailed and original description of the town and abbey from earliest times, and notes the significance of its role in English history, especially the Reformation. As with the other walks, it is  fun, and easy to follow for individuals and for family groups. It also provides an colourful and original souvenir of the town.

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Published April 2010 'A Green Thumbprint on a Smudge of a City - A walking Guide to Castle Park Bristol' £5

This off-road walk starts at the centre of the park, by the ruined church of St Peter, and takes in the whole park, with its listed monuments, landscaping, specially commisioned art works and its wealth of history. It is fully illustrated, with a central map showing features described in the text.

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'Walking History - 13 Fascinating Walks in Central Bristol' - a pack of 13 walks around little known parts of the old city, South Bristol and Clifton.  Some end where others begin so can be done in sequence.  They range from an easy stroll to longer walks with hills.  Roads are avoided where possible.  Original research is included with hand drawn maps and travel information.  Walks are as follows:

1. Round the Castle - The eastern part of Castle Park including St Peter's church, castle ruins and water gate as shown on the city seal.

2. Norman Town - The western part of Castle Park including the bridge and St Mary le Port ruins

3. Merchants' Town - Small St and Broad St

4. Georgian city - Corn St to Queen Square 

5. Follow the Tide - Bristol  Bridge along the Floaitng Harbour, the Grove, to the Centre

6. God's Many Houses - From Quakers' Friars up Christmas Steps then down to St Mary on the Quay.

7. Long Way to Mary - Bristol Bridge to St Mary Redcliffe

8. Mary's Mother John - St Mary Redcliffe to St John's, Bedminster via Victoria Park

9. Passport to Bemmie - Redcliffe along The Cut to Cumberland Basin

10. Harbour and Hotwells - Nova Scotia along Pill cycle path

11. Georgian Heights & Victorian Landmarks - Central Library via Great George St to Royal Fort

12. Up to the Downs - Suspension Bridge via Promenade to Water Tower

13. Wasteland to Wealth - Apsley Road round back streets to top Blackboy Hill

Sample text from walk no.5, 'Follow the Tide'  "The original port of Bristol was upstream from the present bridge.  In the middle ages, large merchants houses lined the tidal riverfront so ships could unload direct to their store rooms.  The southern parishes of Temple and St Thomas grew rich on the wool trade and by the 13th century the port was running out of space.  In 1237 the River Frome was diverted through Canon's Marsh, providing a massive increase in quay space, and a four arch stone bridge was built across the Avon to join the southern parishes to the main city, and new charters extended equal rights to their citizens. 

The discovery of the New World meant ships began travlling further to had to be bigger.  Instead of lowering their masts to pass under the bridge, they increasingly moored downstream.  When the bridge was rebuilt in the 1760s the quays were again becoming crowded and one of the debates was whether to make a single arch to allow ships to go upstream.  The choice of 3 arches suggests the argument was already settled.  Welsh trows and small coastal vessels continued to unload at what is now Welsh Back.  The main oceangoing ships moored at the Grove and the Centre". 


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Published August 2005, ask for it in any bookshop.

ISBN NO. 978-0-9551010-0-7

'The Bristol Slavery and Abolition Trail'.  Bristol is well known for its involvement in the African slave trade, but less well known is its role in its abolition.  Bristol was home to a number of prominent abolitionists, many of whom were also involved in other causes such as women's, childrens' and workers'  rights.  This trail visits sites related to the slave trade and its abolition, but also to exploration, prison reform and other related issues.  2007 is the bicentenary of the Abolition of Slavery Act.  This book hopes to encourage this anniversary to be a celebration of  human rights and an appreciation of the people who worked to raise awareness of them.  The trail starts in the university precinct and wanders round Central Bristol.


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ISBN NO. 978-0-9551010-2-1

'From Cat to Cathedral, Bristol's Religious Heritage' is on sale from April 2007.   This book takes its title in part fom the church cat that is buried in St Mary Redcliffe.  The book with its photographs and maps can be used as the basis for a walking tour of the city's religious sites, or it can be used to visit specific places, or just as a sampling of what is on offer in the city. Sites include the remains of the Knights' Templar church,  Wesley's New Room, the old friaries which circled the city and the Orthodox Synagogue and a memorial to the boy that Ratigan's 'Winslow Boy' was based on. When tested on the local Ramblers, the only person to drop out was a cyclist defeated by Christmas Steps. 



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Bristol Gyratory - Quirky Circuit Walk

Published July 2008. This is my first full colour book, with easy to follow maps and great photographs. The basic walk can take about 4 hours, but with diversions to the museums and other sites along the way can be extended to a full day or more. Sites are easily accessible, even when venues are closed.

Sites on the walk range from the obscure to the glaringly obvious, from ancient monuments to modern art, and  always with fascinating details. This is not a simple history walk but an incentive to really open your eyes to this city.

This will challenge those who think they know the city, encourage those who don't  and provide a great souvenir for visitors.

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Two books on Bath were published summer 2009,called Bath Gyratory, both start near the Tourist Information Centre beside the Abbey, but can be joined at any point.

The first covers the old city, up to Lansdown and returning via Walcot is called Stone & Spa Walk. It introduces the oldest museumin the city, a best selling poet, an orator, a pioneer in time saving, aned a tragic poetess.



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The other crosses into Bathwick, so is much flatter and quieter, taking in many parks along the way. It describes the work of Bath's finest architect, ie not John Wood, an underrated peer of Brunen, a crater on the moon and a spectacular underwater experiment and body snatching....


On sale Stanfords, Bristol, Museum of Bath at Work,   Mr B's, Oldfield Park bookshop or ask for it in any bookshop

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These books were reviewed in the RHC NEwsletter, published by UWE's REgional History Centre, Spring 2010

Cheltenham Gyratory - ANice Walk is an extended circuit of possibly England's most walkable town. Its leafy streets are lined with a wonderful range of buildings, many of which are linked with fascinating characters, from a magician to the friend of a circus clown, several pioneering engineers, an early feminist and strange markings in a churchyard.


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