Barb Drummond

Beyond Bristol History

'The Bristol Slavery and Abolition Trail'.  Bristol is well known for its involvement in the African slave trade, but less well known is its role in its abolition.  Bristol was home to a number of prominent abolitionists, many of whom were also involved in other causes such as women's, childrens' and workers'  rights.  This trail visits sites related to the slave trade and its abolition, but also to exploration, prison reform and other human rights issues.  2007 was the bicentenary of the Abolition of Slavery Act.  This book was produced to encourage this celebration of  human rights and an appreciation of the people who worked to raise awareness of them.  The trail starts in the university precinct and wanders round Central Bristol.


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'Eyebrows on Fire- Bristol and Abolition' was rushed into print in time for the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade and provides an antidote tho the local sport of bashng dead Bristolians. It is a welcome source of  positive information on the city and its people.  It expands on the previous book, 'The Bristol Slavery and Abolition Trail' by placing Bristol and its people into the wider context of international abolition and includes a detailed timeline of major international incidents.  It discusses the importance of sailors and the Royal Navy in abolition, and the significance of the act to later human rights activities, especially womens' rights.  Several fascinating but little known local characters are featured, such as John Weeks, whose memorial is on the cover, patriotic publican, coachmaster and supporter of good causes who appeared in one of many abolitionist plays at Bristol's Theatre Royal.  Also Mary Robinson, who wrote abolition poetry but was mistress of the pro slavery MP Banastre Tarleton of Liverpool, and Elizabeth Blackwell, daughter of a sugar refiner and the world's first female doctor who was an energetic campaigner for a wide range of important causes.



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