Barb Drummond

Beyond Bristol History

My first publication was 'The New Eden - An Introduction to Arnos Vale Cemetery', the first book on Bristol's first public cemetery, published April 2005. 

It describes the origins of the cemetery, which opened in 1840, the styles and designs of monuments and some of the local notables to be found there.  For anyone interested in early Victorian history, recommended by Griff Rhys Jones of 'Restoration' and Dr Steve Poole of UWE. 

  £4 UK only incl. P&P.

Elsewhere, £4.00 + £1 P&P


Sample text:"WE SEE WHAT WE KNOW - GOETHE   Arnos Vale Cemetery is many things to many people.  To locals it has long been a place of dispute over access, as well as a wild place where children play secret games, vandalism went unnoticed and rubbish dumped.  Since the battle for access has been won, more people are making use of the public place for strolling, where dogs and children can be let loose in safety.  It is a place of remembrance and loss, but also of peace and tranquility, a haven for nature in a busy noisy city....

Arnos is not just a place of the dead; it is a museum of building materials and styles, a repository of poetry and metaphors of love, loss and good wishes.  The art can be pretty, sad or interesting in its own right.  but by knowing what we see, the ideas, the mindset of those who are buried here and those left behind, we draw closer to the past.  Through knowledge we may learn to truly value it, to treasure and preserve this extraordinary site for future generations of both the living and the dead"

Available in Bristol Record Office

 and by mail order - £4 to PO Box 2460, Bristol BS3 1AT. 

Review from 'The Regional Historian' No. 13 Spring/Summer 2005, published by University of the West of England, Regional History Centre

From the Bristol Evening Post: