Barb Drummond

Beyond Bristol History

"LOSING EL DORADO Scots in Latin America"

"The Christian church teaches that to reach paradise you have to lead a good life and then die. Columbus' voyage convinced people in Europe that Paradise was only across the ocean, so people flocked to ports to go there.

But travellers seeking paradise are some of our oldest fables, and not all have happy endings. The Scots were largely left out of the rush to the New World, so became the Cinderellas of the Colonists. This is the story of two settlements - Darien in Panama and Topo in Venezuela, how they struggled to survive and their ongoing legacies."

This new book represents a major change in Barb Drummond's writing and publishing. The book has only tenuous ties with her usual stamping ground of Bristol, England, and is the first to have a wonderful full colour cover, kindly provided by photographer Paul Kondritz. ffi

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ISBN No. 978-0-9551010-7-6